Our step-by-step process only takes about 15 minutes.

Get started

Even if your child is years away from college, the time to open an account is now. The sooner you prepay for tuition, the more you can potentially save. You can also start small by contributing as little as $25 a month.

Easy to Open

Open your account online

Download an enrollment form and mail in to open an account

Call to request an enrollment kit: 1.888.718.7878

Save Time

Have the following information for you, the beneficiary and a successor owner on hand:

  • - Social Security number
  • - Mailing address
  • - Phone number
  • - Date of Birth
  • - Your bank account information (routing and account numbers)

After you open an account you can make contributions whenever you want. You may even make regular, secure contributions straight from your bank account through an automatic purchase plan.