What is Private College 529?

Private College 529 is a prepaid tuition plan that allows families to save on the cost of college by purchasing tomorrow's tuition at today's prices. So, no matter how much tuition increases over the years, you can lock in current rates at an ever growing list of more than 280 private colleges and universities, including many of the nation's top ranked schools.

  • There is no market risk.
  • Prepaid tuition is guaranteed.
  • There are no fees.
  • The increase in value and distributions are federal tax free.

Change in plans? If your account beneficiary attends a school outside the Private College 529 network, you can change beneficiaries, roll the assets into another 529 or request a refund.

Tuition rates change July 1. Act by June 30 to lock in current tuition rates.

Explore the map to see where you can prepay tuition, or view a list of participating schools

Lock in this year's tuition prices by June 30

How does it work?

Private College 529 Plan is a pre-purchase of tuition, not an investment account. All contributions to accounts made by June 30, 2016, purchase tuition at current rates. The prepaid tuition can be used after three years at any of the current 280+ member schools or any that join in the future. A semester of tuition purchased today will be honored when the beneficiary is accepted and enrolls, no matter how the stock market performs or how much tuition increases.

Tuition rates change on July 1.

Open or add to an existing Private College 529 account by June 30 to lock in this year's rates!

Pay today's tuition prices for tomorrow's education

How much can I save?

Buying tomorrow's tuition at today's rates can yield substantial cost savings. Every case is different, but here is an example of the potential savings of buying one year of tuition at the current average private school rate 5, 10 or 18 years before your student beneficiary will enroll.

Start Early... Save More 529 college savings plan timeline

Current tuition is College Board Trends in College Pricing 2015 average of 4-year private school tuition rates for 2015-16. Future tuition assumes 4% annual tuition increases.

Sponsored by over 280 (and growing) leading private colleges

Why choose the plan?


Research finds that at least some families limit college choices based on cost. Private College 529 Plan helps you access a broad range of institutions, including schools you might think are beyond your means. The chart above demonstrates your potential savings.


Private College 529 Plan assets can be used at any college or university, public or private, but the guarantee applies to participating institutions. The network of more than 280+ colleges and universities continues to grow and includes a wide range of admissions standards. Members include large research universities, liberal arts colleges, faith-based institutions, and more. You do not commit to any particular school until the student enrolls.


The plan is sponsored and guaranteed by the participating colleges and universities — not government. The schools bear all of the financial risk and pay all of the fees so you get the most for your money! Private College 529 can be used to pay for undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees. You can take advantage of your home state sponsored or other 529 savings plan to pay room and board, computers, books and other qualified costs.

Tax Advantaged

Like any other 529 plan, the increase in the value of the account is federal tax free, and you can roll assets from another 529 account into your Private College 529 Plan account. Contributions to Private College 529 are considered completed gifts and qualify for annual gift tax exemptions; there are no income limits for account owners; contribution caps are generous in Private College 529 – currently $256,500.

Act before June 30 to lock in current rates!

Enrolling in Private College 529 is quick, easy and can make college more affordable.

Learn more about saving for private college. If you'd like to reach a Private College 529 representative, contact us.