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Tips for Saving on College Costs
The prospect of paying for college can be stressful. Check out what the "smart money" already knows, which can potentially save you substantial money and stress, as featured in this CNN Money article.

Student Loan Debt Hits $1 Trillion
Pre-paid college tuition plans, such as Private College 529 PlanSM, can help families and students tackle the growing burden of college costs, according to Forbes.

Private College 529 Plan Allays Fear of Market Volatility
Awareness of the Private College 529 Plan is growing as parents try to help protect their college savings from market volatility, according to the recent article.

Notre Dame's Alumni Association Newsletter Highlights Private College 529 Plan
A recent issue of ND Today, Notre Dame's alumni newsletter, points out the advantages of preparing for future college tuition at today’s rates through the Private College 529 Plan.

The New York Times 4/11: Too Much Debt Can Damage Students' Future
The New York Times looks into the rapid rise of student loan debt and the financial effects it can have on borrowers.

Private College 529 Plan Featured on
The New York Daily News explains why Private College 529 Plan is a smart way for parents to beat tuition inflation.

What the New Tax Bill Means for College Savers
Find out how the new tax legislation affects Coverdells, qualified expenses for 529 plans and gifting.

Families More Conservative About Saving For College
A new survey has found that Americans saving for college are more reluctant to invest in stocks.

Private College 529 Plan Featured on CNNMoney takes a fresh look at Private College 529 Plan, which lets parents essentially freeze the cost of a child's future education at current rates.

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